Company delegation visits Arab Academy of Science, Technology and Shipping


Alexandria 4-11-2021

The Arab Academy of Sciences, Technology and Shipping received a delegation from the Libyan National Public Shipping Company headed by Mr. Fadhil Ahmed Tarhouni, Director of the General Department of Administrative, Financial and Training Affairs of the National General Shipping Company, Mr. Abdullatif Abdullah Al Siddiq, Director of the Office of Quality, Safety, Health and Environment, and Mr. Ahmed Al Qadri, Director of human resources management, on Thursday, 4-11-2021, at the Academy's headquarters Abu Qir, Alexandria.

During which the delegation conveyed the guidance of Mr. Executive Director (Khaled Al-Tawati) on overcoming the difficulties in the face of the national elements working in the company and the extent to which the possibilities of the Arab Academy related to the training and renewal of the certificates of Libyan naval crews were discussed, as well as discussed various ways of cooperation, which will enhance the discussion and exchange experiences and expand the circle of cooperation in areas of common interest, in the presence of a group of gentlemen centers of responsibility of the Academy, and then the delegation toured the academy and visited the Center of the Planetarium, the complex of simulators Integrated at the Academy, Institute of Maritime Safety, Faculty of Shipping and Technology.